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Name Mandala Benefits

This personal emblem is a reflection of your entire being and a source of creative and emotional power. It connects you with your innate healing abilities, empowering you to draw from the wellspring of your inner strength and creativity

Emotional & Creative Awakening

The intricate and repetitive patterns draw one’s attention to the center of the mandala and the center of oneself, the core of being that remains constant amidst life’s changing circumstances.


For some people, their Name Mandala serves as a memory prompt. Each time it’s seen, they may affirm a specific intention or support a personal healing process.

Positive Intentions

As an emotional support tool, a Name Mandala amplifies one’s sense of self acceptance and self love to nourish emotional resilience.


The intricate patterns of the mandala can help you tune in to yourself, letting the stress of the outer world fade away.  The center of the mandala symbolizes your eternal self, an unchanging rock amidst the ever changing world. 

Center Yourself

Getting your Name Mandala printed can be a great way to have visual reminders strategically placed around your daily life.  Able to be conveniently used as a balance tool.  A sticker on a laptop, or notebook helps you before you begin any task.

Daily Reminder

Craft Your Name Mandala

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