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What do you mean by mindfulness?

Mindfulness is about shifting your thoughts away from
your usual preoccupations towards an appreciation of what is
already there, beneath conscious awareness.
As awareness of inner landscape grows, the subtle voice of
Intuition becomes more apparent, and a larger perception of
life grows. Opportunities arise that otherwise might have
remained hidden.

How is a Name Mandala used as a Mindfulness tool?

As a mindfulness tool your Name Mandala serves as a
behavioral cue. It points toward a mindfulness intention
you’ve set for yourself.
For example, each time you see your Name Mandala, you are
reminded to turn within:

Feel my heart.
Remember who I am.
Take a conscious breath.
Relax my shoulders.
Feel my feet on the floor.
Know I am loved.

How is a Name Mandala used as a Mindfulness tool?

Mindfulness practice has a positive impact on physical
and psychological health. Physically, mindfulness practice
can relieve stress, treat heart disease, lower blood pressure,
reduce chronic pain, improve sleep and relieve
gastrointestinal difficulties.
Proven psychological benefits include treating depression,
substance abuse, eating disorders, couples conflicts, anxiety
disorders and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

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